Welcome to Arnall Middle!
About Arnall Middle School

Arnall Middle School is located at 700 Lora Smith Road in Newnan, Georgia. It was established in 1994 and today serves a student body of over 900 students in grades six, seven and eight.

AMS was designed to implement the middle school program. Arnall educators are known for their innovative and creative instructional programs designed to effectively meet the needs of every child. At Arnall, we follow the concept of teaming. Students are grouped into small learning communities that consist of academic teachers. These teachers have shared planning time which is used to plan team lessons, conduct conferences, and work cooperatively with students, parents, and each other. Students also have the added benefit of “connections” classes away from the team academic setting which allows students the opportunity to explore many areas of interests such as fine arts, computers, and physical education.

The facility is named in honor of the great Newnan resident and former Georgia Governor, Ellis G. Arnall, who served from 1943 until 1947. Governor Arnall was a noted supporter of education and educators. During his tenure as Governor, he established a teacher’s retirement system. When asked what he was proudest of during his time as Governor, Arnall replied, "Spending more than 50 cents of every dollar on education. I believe in a free and open education." Arnall has been under the leadership of six principals. David Parrott opened the school in 1994 and upon his retirement, he was followed by Charles Smith, Marc Guy, Rick Waggoner, Jan Franks, and our current principal, Patrick Sullivan. Our school colors are royal blue and silver, and Knights are our mascot.

CCRPI Score: 89.8 Climate Rating: 4 Stars